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October 22, 2017




Hamilton Third Age Learning (HTAL) presents Dr Liyaka Takim on the Shi'a Sunni Split

Published on Nov 16, 2016 Dr Liyakat Takim from the Department of Religious Studies at McMaster University discusses the history and development of the split between Shi'a and Sunni Islam and the contemporary implications of this.

Shi'a Sunni Split Shi'ite Islam NA Universities

The study of Shi'ite Islam in North American Universities

- by Dr. Liyakat Takim

Published on May 15, 2015

Published on Oct 8, 2014. Interfaith Symposium & Concert. Dedicated to Internatinonal Peace Day 2014,Reflections of Peace, Rumi, Maimonides & Aquinas

September 21, 2014 Metropolitan United Church Co-organized by Intercultural Dialogue Institute Metropolitan United Church Holy Blossom Temple Peace & Social Justice Foundation

Reflections of Peace, Spirituality in the Nahjul Balagha

Spirituality in the Nahjul Balagha - Professor Liyakat Takim

Published on Dec 30, 2013

Islamic Thought Academic Nahjul Balagha Conference 2012 took place in Peterborough on 30th September 2012. This academic conference explored in depth the wide-ranging themes of faith, humanity and politics in the sermons, letters and sayings of Imam Ali contained within Nahjul Balagha. This conference aimed to stimulate research and discussions pertaining to the influence of his teachings in the era in which he lived, and their practical applicability in challenging issues in the modern world. For further details visit

Professor Liyakat Takim delivered a presentation of his paper titled: Spirituality in the Nahjul Balagha.

Professor Liyakat Takim is the Sharjah Chair in Global Islam at McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada. A native of Zanzibar, Tanzania, he has spoken at more than eighty academic conferences and authored one hundred scholarly works on diverse topics like reformation in the Islamic world, the treatment of women in Islamic law, Islam in America, the indigenization of the Muslim community in America, dialogue in post-911 America, war and peace in the Islamic tradition, Islamic law, Islamic biographical literature, the charisma of the holy man and shrine culture, and Islamic mystical traditions. He teaches a wide range of courses on Islam and offers a course on comparative religions.

Professor Takim's second book titled Shi'ism in America was published by New York University Press in summer 2009. His first book, The Heirs of the Prophet: Charisma and Religious Authority in Shi'ite Islam was published by SUNY press in 2006. He is currently working on his third book, Ijtihad and Reformation in Islam. Professor Takim has taught at several American and Canadian universities and is actively engaged in dialogue with different faith communities.

Is Religion Killing Us? -- Q&A

Published on Jan 20, 2013 For the third year in a row, Organization for Islamic Learning and Mosaic Interfaith present - From Abraham Three Faiths: Is Religion Killing Us?  Together, we addressed the growing grassroots concern about the perceived connections between violence and religion.


Reverend Canon John Hill - A Presbyter of the Anglican Diocese of Toronto

Rabbi Michael Stroh - Rabbi Emeritus, Temple Har Zion

Dr. Liyakat Takim - Sharjah Chair in Global Islam, McMaster University

Part 1: Presentations by Panelists:

  1. Mimetic Theory -- Reverend Canon John Hill
  2. Messianic Enthusiasms -- Dr. Liyakat Takim
  3. Richard Rubenstein's Theory of Sacrifice and The Holocaust -- Rabbi Michael Stroh
Is Religion Killing Us -- Q&A Shafaqna Interview

Shafaqna Interview With Dr.Takim

Published on Sep 26, 2012

Identity Citizenship Collaboration

Dr. Liyakat Takim - Identity, Citizenship and Collaboration UMAA Convention 2011

Published on Jul 10, 2012

Dr. Liyakat Takim discusses the role of Muslims in North America. This was given at the 9th Annual UMAA Convention in Toronto, Canada. The theme of the convention was "The Quran & Ahlul Bayt in Modern Society".

Dr. Liyakat Takim - 9/11 and the Shi'i Image in America UMAA Convention 2010

Published on Jun 27, 2012 Dr. Liyakat Takim discusses what the Shi'i Image in America is and how it was effected by the events of September 11th. Dr. Liyakat Takim is the Sharjah Chair in Global Islam at McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada.

Shi'i Image in America The Unthought in Islam

Professor Liyakat Takim (McMaster University, Canada) - From Invisible to Visible Muslims: Engaging the Muslim Other in America

The University of Edinburgh 06/05/2017  The Unthought in Islam: The Shi'a and Shi'ism in the Western Diaspora

Reinterpretation of Islamic Law in Modern Times

Reinterpretation of Islamic Law