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Place of Birth: Zanzibar, Tanzania





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1990       Ph.D. History of Religions, Department of History, School of Oriental and African Studies, London

Ph.D. Dissertation: “The Rijal of the Shi'i Imams as Depicted in Imami Biographical Literature"

 1983-85  Qum Seminary, Qum, Iran

Extended research work in Islamic jurisprudence, biographical and hadith literature, Qur’anic exegesis, Arabic, and principles of extrapolating Islamic law.

 1983       M.A. History of Religions, Department of Religious Studies, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA

M.A. Thesis: “A Study of the Doctrine of Messianism in Islam”

 1978       B.Sc., Economics, Dept. of Economics, City University, London



2009 - Present Professor, Sharjah Chair in Global Islam, McMaster University, Canada

2005 - 2009 Associate Professor, University of Denver

2001-2004 Assistant Professor, University of Denver

1999–2001 Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Miami

1999–2000 Adjunct Professor, University of Toronto

1998–2000 Adjunct Professor, Queen’s University and McMaster University

1996–1997 Visiting Assistant Professor, Vanderbilt University

1990–1996 Director of Religious Studies, Toronto


  • Sunni-Shi’i Encounters
  • Qur’an in a Global Context
  • Global Islam
  • The Varieties of Islamic Experience
  • Introduction to Islamic Civilizations
  • Islam in Modern Times
  • Islam in the American Mosaic
  •  Islamic Fundamentalism
  • Judaism, Christianity & Islam  
  • Christian-Muslim Fundamentalisms
  • Classical Islam
  • Islamic Mysticism
  • Qur’an and Hadith Literature
  • Jewish-Muslim Encounters
  • Clash of Civilizations 
  • The Sacred Quest
  • Islam in the Medieval Era
  • World Religions
  • Classical Arabic




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Translation of Ask Those Who Know: An Exposition of the Shi'ite Creed, by Muhammad al-Tijani al-Samawi. Toronto: Hydery Press, 1995.




Current Research:

“Contemporary Ijtihad and the Reform Movement in Islam” (working title)



“Black or White? The Turbanization of Islam” Studia Islamica



Journal Articles:

“Shi‘ism and the Challenges of Daispora” in Journal of Muslims in Europe (forthcoming 2016)

 “Shi‘i Studies in the West” in Journal of Shi'a Islamic Studies (forthcoming 2016)

 “Idealization or Realization: The Methodology of Ayatullah al-Khu'i in his Mujam al-Rijal” in Journal of Contemporary Islamic Studies (forthcoming in 2016)

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Book Articles:


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 Articles on Internet

“The Ground Zero Mosque Controversy: Implications for American Islam” 2011

“Women in Judaism, Christianity and Islam: A comparative perspective”

Seminar on "Women in Other Traditions" University of Isfahan, 2006

Book reviews:


Review of Religious Authority and Political Thought in Twelver Shi‘ism: From ‘Ali to Post-Khomeini. American Journal of Islamic Social Sciences, forthcoming 2015.


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2016:  “Reformation or Transformation: Shi‘i Law in the West” Keynote Speaker at Conference on Shia Minorities in the Contemporary World:  Migration, Transnationalism and Multilocality, Chester University, England

 2016:  “The Changing Face of North American Shi‘ism” Conference on Shia Muslim Communities in Europe I and II: Local and Transnational Dimensions’ EASR Conference in Helsinki, Finland

2016:   “Fiqh for Minorities: Islamic Law in the Diaspora” Speech at Harford Seminary, Connecticut

 2016:  “Rahma as an Ethical Term in Muslim-Catholic Dialogue” Conference at the University of St Michael's College,  University of Toronto commemorating 50 years of Muslim-Catholic dialogue.

 2016: “The Other Within the Other: Demystifying American Muslims” Symposium on Islam in North America: History and Contemporary Manifestations”, McMaster University


2015: “Shi‘ism in the Diaspora” Conference on “Lines of Identity: Middle Eastern Diasporas in North America” University of Manitoba, Winnipeg

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2015: “The Khoja Community in the Diaspora” Florida International University,  Western Indian Ocean Studies Workshop

 2015: “Western Studies of Shi‘ite Islam” Conference on Shi‘i Studies: Past and Present, Islamic College, London

2015: “’Urf in Islamic Law: The Case of the Guardianship of Women, 'Family law in Islam: Between Fiqh and society" 3rd Annual contemporary Fiqhi issues workshop, Birmingham, England

 2015: “Between Theory and Practice: The Clash of Authority between the Imams and their Disciples” Shi‘i Studies Symposium, Chicago


2015: “The Role of Custom (‘Urf) as a Source of Islamic Law” British Association for Islamic Studies Annual Conference, London, England


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2008: “Teaching Islam in a post 9/11 world” Symposium on Religion on the Secular University Campus, University of Denver


2008: “Musa al-Sadr and the Impact of Modernity on Shi‘i Jurisprudence” Conference on: “The Shia, Modernity, and the Legacy of Musa al-Sadr.” University of Michigan, Ann Arbor


2008: “Reformation or Reinterpretation: Islamic Law in America” AAR Great Plains Region Conference, Denver


2008: “From Conflict to Co-existence: The Application of Islamic Law in a Minority  Context” Symposium at Carthage College


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2015: “Social Justice and Activism in the Islamic Tradition” in Faith in Social Action panel held by McMaster Student's Union Diversity Services

 2015: The Problem of Theodicy in Islam, Islamic Center,” Chicago

 2015: “Worshipper and the Worshipped: Spirituality in Islam,” Islamic Center, Arizona

 2015: “Islam in the Diaspora” Jamaat of Los Angeles (10 lectures)

2014: “Living Islam” Ahl al-Bayt Center, Auckland New Zealand (10 Lectures)


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2003  “Re-evaluation of Islamic Law post September 11: Islam and Modernity.”  Faculty Luncheon, University of Denver, Denver, CO


2003  “From 911 to 711: The Islamic Experience in the West.”  Orientation Lecture, University of Denver, Denver, CO


2003  “Unity or Uniformity: Islam and the Question of Reformation.”  al-Iman Islamic Center, Seattle, WA


2002  “A Minority within a Minority: The Muslim Youth Culture in Contemporary America.”  Ja‘fariya Islamic Center, Burtonsville, MD


2000  “Integration, Isolation, or Insulation? The Muslims of America.”  University of Miami, Miami, FL


2000  “A Viable Qur’anic Hermeneutic for Muslims in the New Millennium.”  Auckland, New Zealand


1999  “Qur’anic Exegesis and Women’s Right to Divorce.”  Islamic House of Wisdom, Detroit, MI


1997  “The Muslims as the ‘Other’ in North America.”  Conference on Muslims in America, Ja‘fariya Islamic Center, Burtonsville, MD


1997  “Drawing Boundaries in America: The Muslim Identity.”  Islamic Society of North America, Indianapolis, IN


1996  “Ethno-cultural Identity: Muslim Institutes in America.”  Islamic Center, Washington, D.C.


1993  “Child Custody and Family Support: A Re-evaluation of Traditional Islamic Sources.”  Conference held by the Canadian Council of Muslim Women, Toronto, Canada






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Ali-Ahmed Rasekh, “Agents of the Hidden Imam: Shiite Juristic Authority in Light of the Doctrine of Deputyship”  (Ph. D Thesis, Concordia University, 2015)


May Al-Fartousi, "Unveiling Shi'i Religious Identities: Case Studies of Hijab in Culturally Homogeneous Canadian Schools," (Ph. D Thesis, Brock University, 2012)


Wendy Jane Isaaac-Martin, “A Violent Origin: A Girardian Analysis of the Scapegoating of Ali ibn Abu Talib in Shi’ite Tradition," (Ph. D Thesis, University of Cape Town, 2008)


Linda Darwish “Texts of Tension, Spaces of Empowerment: Migrant Muslims and the Limits of Shi’ite Legal Discourse” (Ph. D Thesis, Concordia University, 2009)




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Dr. Liyakat Takim
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